Jump Rope For Heart

Cowles Montessori just finished up Jump Rope For Heart. All of the funds raised are donated to the American Heart Association to fight heart disease, fund life-saving research, and share educational materials. Last year, Cowles raised a total of $2,700 and saved 54 lives. We received an award for the highest Jump Rope For Heart increase in the metro. This year, Cowles raised around $8,600, which is a huge increase from last year. Mr. Kellen’s class raised the most money out of all of the individual classes. They raised $1,219 and chose to play dodgeball for one P.E. class for being the top donating class. It is yet to be determined on the exact amount we raised and how many lives we will save, but the kids really enjoyed fundraising money, and learning about how to keep your heart healthy.

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