State Science and Technology Fair

Cowles is proud of each of the students who participated in the 2014 State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa. All of our students should be very proud of the accomplishment of presenting their projects at this fair. After all,  there were over 600 6th-12th grade students who participated this year! Below are a list of students who participated/placed this year.


6th Grade

  1. Risa Vandegrift
  2. Madeline Moody

7th Grade

  1. Nyah Noyes
  2. Chloe O’Connor
  3. Louise Bequeaith

8th Grade

  1. Jordan George
  2. Elizabeth Bennink & Andrew Van Nice
  3. Madeline Johnston & Bridget Easler


6th Grade Biological:

4th place: Madeline Moody

5th place: Risa Vandegrift


7th Grade Biological:

5th place: Louise Bequeaith

6th place: Chloe O’Connor


Broadband Masters Award: This award was presented to students who scored in the top ten percent of all science fair projects. I am waiting for the details of this award. My understanding is that these students will be eligible to send in a report about their project to the national science/technology organization. As soon as I receive the details I will forward the guidelines to students/parents.

  1. Madeline Moody
  2. Risa Vandegrift
  3. Chloe O’Connor
  4. Louise Bequeaith
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