Cowles Montessori Newsletter for November 3rd

Dear Cowles Montessori Families,

We hope you enjoyed a relaxing time off over break. A huge thank you goes out to CMPG for hosting a successful Trunk or Treat! Today’s parent newsletter includes:

  • Important dates and events
  • Health news
  • Garden Committee updates

“Human flourishing, as Maria Montessori put it, means becoming a person of one’s time and place with the means and wherewithal not only to function within but to shape society (NCMPS, 2019).”

“All humans (CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS, and ADULTS) flourish in society (ALL ENVIRONMENTS).” – Cowles Montessori Vision

Todd Johnson (he/him/his)

Principal/Certified Montessori School Leader

Cowles Montessori School

Des Moines Public School District


T: @CowlesDMPS #WeAreCowles #AntiBiasMontessori 


P: 515/242-7818

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