Our Vision, Our Mission, Our passion

Together we celebrate diversity, respect, and love for learning using the Montessori Method.  Our environment nurtures and prepares the child for life in a global community.

Cowles Montessori is pleased to offer a Montessori style of learning for students in the Des Moines area.  At Cowles, we believe in the powers of the individual child, drawing upon his or her inner motivation to learn.  Classrooms are set up in multi-age groupings where they learn from each other and because of each other.  With their constant interaction the children learn to take responsibility for themselves and each other.  In this child-centered community, parents play a critical role in their child’s education.  We encourage and welcome you to be involved in school activities, our Cowles Montessori Parent Group, and your child’s daily learning.  Parents are welcome to stop by anytime as we value your partnership in the education of students.  We believe in the Montessori philosophy of guiding children’s natural curiosity and intrinsic motivation to learn and are committed to building on this to foster student achievement.

Cowles Montessori
6401 College Avenue
Windsor Heights, Iowa 50324
phone 515-242-7818
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